The GOP Must Move Quickly To Expel Maxine Waters From Congress

America is becoming unrecognizable. Republican members of Congress are doing nothing to stop the communist steamroller from taking over America....
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Maricopa County Election Audit in Arizona Under Attack, Could Change Everything.

Recently, an Arizona Judge approved the Arizona Senate's request to perform an unbiased, professional audit of the 2020 elections in...
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Call to Action: Big Tech is Planning to STEAL Florida Elections from Republicans

Recently, Governor DeSantis and his Covid information panel were BANNED from youtube for "Coronavirus misinformation." If Big Tech is not...
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Republicans Are Facilitating The Democrat’s Gun Ban

Gun bans are coming, and the Republican Party is partnering with the Democrats to make sure it happens. Author: Cote...
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Save America with Immigration Moratorium, Not Gun Ban

The image of a frontiersman with a rifle staring into the distance is the embodiment of the American experience. Guns...
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Saving Georgia: A Call To Action

A trust based democratic society like the United States needs to ensure the integrity of its elections. This week in...
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Groomers at Lincoln Project Park Suspicious Box Truck in Georgia

On March 16, disgraced super PAC the Lincoln Project used its Twitter account to launch a volley against election reform...
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Ronna McDaniel’s “Election Integrity Taskforce” Was a Lie to Raise Donations

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel lied. Her "Election Integrity Task Force" was a farce to appease Trump supporting Republicans and a...
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Governor Brian Kemp May Not Sign Georgia’s Election Reform Bill

When it comes to electoral reform, it is crucial that the citizenry compel corrupt elected officials to make the right...
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Arizona’s State Senator Wendy Rogers Champions Election Reform

State Senator Wendy Rogers has been in office for a little over a month, but has wasted no time championing...
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