Without Fair Elections, there is no Rule of Law.

Hold the Line PAC is a newly launched PAC focused on Restoring Election Integrity & the Rule of Law

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Hold the Line PAC is a newly launched PAC focused on Restoring Election Integrity & the Rule of Law

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HOLD THE LINE PAC is THE Leading, Bleeding Edge for the Election Integrity fight.

Only by taking the fight to key states can the American People preserve our Republic for generations to come.

The fight for the Republican Party hinges on one key principle: 

Without Fair Elections, there can be no Rule of Law.

OUR MOTTO: Hold Fair Elections, Return the Rule of Law

At Hold The Line, we are working to hold GOP state legislatures accountable for implementing the following Election Integrity Initiatives:

State Legislative Goals

The 2020 General Election ripped the mask off the Democrats’ and Big Tech’s efforts to undermine our free and fair elections. Systemic Problems were uncovered both at the federal and state and county levels.
Our republic rests on the consent of the governed. If our nation loses the consent of the governed, we’re toast.

Hold The Line will fight to eradicate these systemic problems and restore faith in our electoral system with these issues in mind:



> Thumbprint Authentication of Absentee Ballots.

The abuse of Absentee Ballots is the lynchpin of Democrat election theft.
As such, anyone who is truly unable to vote in person should have no problem meeting a high standard in order to vote absentee.

BioMetric and encrypted alphanumeric values should accompany anyone wishing to vote absentee.

The values will employ a one-way hash and a secure key, and will be prohibited from sharing raw thumbprint data with any other government agency.

This will also eliminate many problems with ballot signature verification, witness signatures, and bad-actor ballot harvesting.

Mandatory Public Voter List Maintenance

Only eligible voters may legally cast a ballot.

Keeping the voter rolls clean will prevent bad actors from exploiting badly maintained data.

These first two initiatives will practically eliminate the proliferation of fraudulent absentee ballots.

Every state must ensure the list of registered voters contains only those legally eligible to cast ballots.

Otherwise, one or several states might decide to conspire to deprive several of the other states of their franchise, as we saw with AZ, GA, PA, MI, and WI in 2020.

This must not be allowed to continue.