The Maricopa County Audit is The Most Legitimate Audit In U.S. History

Hostile political elites at every level, partisan non-elected officials, and their allies in the prestige media
are doing everything in their power to delegitimize the Maricopa County Audit. They are exerting
enormous pressure in order to conceal what was the biggest electoral fraud perpetrated in the history
of the United States of America. They are desperately attempting to derail this audit as it epitomizes the
fight for true democracy and the rights of the American citizen.
The audit has already revealed data manipulation and deletion, breaches in the chain of custody,
fraudulent ballots, and clandestine phantom vote drops in the dead of night. Those with a vested
interest in keeping the detail of this colossal fraud concealed from the public have engaged in every
procedural, legal, and rhetorical action to obstruct auditors from delving into the truth. Every true
patriot and free citizen in the republic already know that President Donald Trump was cheated out of an
unprecedented landslide victory by a cadre of criminals who despise the American people.
While CNN and every American Institution claims that the Maricopa County Audit is illegitimate or a “Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory, Hold the Line PAC is here to tell you that it is legitimate, it is authorized, and it will expose the truth of what happened in the 2020 elections. Completely reject the Left’s narrative. This is an audit approved by a judge to proceed, and no Left-Wing scheme or plot can stop it.
Without free and fair elections, our country will cease to exist. Support Hold the Line PAC as we fight to
restore integrity in U.S. Elections.
Contributing author Michael Ryan.

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