The GOP Must Move Quickly To Expel Maxine Waters From Congress

America is becoming unrecognizable. Republican members of Congress are doing nothing to stop the communist steamroller from taking over America. Patriots are done with the complacency of the GOP and are demanding action. 

This weekend, Maxine Waters traveled across state lines to the Brooklyn Center to incite a riot that ended in a drive by shooting of a national guardsmen in Minnesota. Waters incitements were recorded on film threatening the jury members of the Derek Chauvin Trial, demanding a guilty verdict despite evidence of Chauvin’s innocence and his right to due process.

Make no mistake, Maxine Waters joined with the Domestic Terrorist Organization Black Lives Matter to incite a riot against the American people. 

This behavior from a seated congresswoman is reprehensible and borders the line of domestic terrorism. Maxine Waters must immediately expelled from Congress THIS WEEK for inciting a riot across state lines that provoked the deadly attack on National Guardsman.

No more lip service from Republicans, We need immediate action. Hold the Line PAC is DEMANDING that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans in Congress move quickly to expel Maxine Waters from Congress.

We don’t have a lot of time, the media will have this story buried and we must move quickly to demand action. No more excuses, no equivocations.

The GOP must move today to EXPEL Maxine Waters from Congress.

Contribute to Hold the Line PAC today as we fight to save America and DEMAND that our elected officials hold Maxine Waters accountable. 

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