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Maricopa County Election Audit in Arizona Under Attack, Could Change Everything.

Recently, an Arizona Judge approved the Arizona Senate’s request to perform an unbiased, professional audit of the 2020 elections in Maricopa County. Since then, every institution has launched a full scale attack on the state senators, judges, and organizations trying to conduct a full investigation into the voter discrepancies in […]

Saving Georgia: A Call To Action

A trust based democratic society like the United States needs to ensure the integrity of its elections. This week in Georgia, The House Special Committee on Election Integrity is slated to vote on SB 202, which has become an Election Security Omnibus. In its current form, SB 202 aims to […]

Ronna McDaniel’s “Election Integrity Taskforce” Was a Lie to Raise Donations

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel lied. Her “Election Integrity Task Force” was a farce to appease Trump supporting Republicans and a ploy to rob them of their donations.  Ronna McDaniel and the GOP establishment can feel the power of an inexorable force, and it’s a force they don’t like. It is […]

RNC Election Integrity Committee Is Worthless

Election Integrity Committee Will Not Absolve RNC Establishment. Spending Millions of Dollars to pay the salaries an RNC “Task Force” who are in denial of the 2020 fraud themselves will be 100% ineffective. In order to restore election integrity, We must first accept that there was fraud, remove candidates who […]