Ronna McDaniel’s “Election Integrity Taskforce” Was a Lie to Raise Donations

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel lied.
Her “Election Integrity Task Force” was a farce to appease Trump supporting Republicans and a ploy to rob them of their donations. 
Ronna McDaniel and the GOP establishment can feel the power of an inexorable force, and it’s a force
they don’t like. It is the power that is generated by you, the adherents of America First. The intelligent
nationalism and populism of the America First movement was harnessed, articulated, and epitomized by the indispensable man, President Donald Trump.
Widespread condemnation by millions of Americans who believe in pursuing policies based on America
First nationalist interests undoubtedly compelled Ronna McDaniel and the rest of the Republican
National Committee (RNC) to convene their less-than-useless Election Integrity Committee in a sad act of
retroactive butt-covering. As previously reported by Hold The Line nearly a month ago, the RNC announced the formulation of said committee in order to deflect from their dithering inaction while President Trump was denied his rightful landslide victory in 2020. We have yet to see any tangible results or findings from the committee; it seems obvious that it is less about election integrity or further substantiating widespread voter fraud, and more about optics and buying time for nervous Establishment Republicans who fear being replaced by true patriots.
Instead of supporting President Trump as he fought to overturn the results of a stolen election, they brandished their knives. Hold The Line is absolute in its commitment to restoring election integrity. We are fighting for bills with teeth, pushed through state houses in every swing state, starting with Georgia.

State Legislators must move quickly to ban vote by mail, electronic voting machines, return to paper ballots and require voter ID.

Hold the Line PAC is dedicated to restoring integrity in U.S. Elections.
Without free and fair elections, our great country will cease to exist.
Support Hold the Line PAC as we FIGHT to restore election integrity. 

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