RNC Election Integrity Committee Is Worthless

Election Integrity Committee Will Not Absolve RNC Establishment. Spending Millions of Dollars to pay the salaries an RNC “Task Force” who are in denial of the 2020 fraud themselves will be 100% ineffective. In order to restore election integrity, We must first accept that there was fraud, remove candidates who deny the evidence of election fraud, and push through election reform bills with teeth at the state level to prevent the fraud from ever happening again. Ban Vote By Mail, Electronic Voting Machines, Require Voter ID, prison sentences for co-conspirators of fraud. 
After months of inertia, impotence, complicity, and outright denial, establishmentarian Republicans are
now desperately attempting to appear concerned about voter fraud. In a press release on Wednesday
17 February 2021, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, announced the
formulation of the so-called Committee on Election Integrity.
According to the announcement, the committee will be chaired by Florida Republican Party Chairman
Joe Gruters; Ashley MacLeay, National Committeewoman from the District of Columbia, will serve as Co-
Chair. This temporary RNC committee will consist of 12 men and 12 women, representing the RNC from
21 states and the District of Columbia.
McDaniel stated that the new committee will “play a crucial role in restoring confidence in our elections
[by] promoting election integrity, and recommending best practices to ensure that future elections are
free, fair, and transparent.”
Where was Republican leadership when the Democrats perpetrated the most comprehensive electoral
fraud operation in the history of the United States? Republican elites have been in complete denial:
Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney maintain that there was no fraud. Lindsey Graham supported Cheney
and advised President Trump not to mention voter fraud during his second impeachment hearing.
The RNC’s press release does not mention highly suspect vote dumps in the dead of night with all ballots
marked in favor of Biden; ridiculous “data errors” that voting machines converted votes to the
Democrats; or the widespread big tech censorship of pundits and commentators who noticed these
glaring irregularities.
Even to this day, the provenance of 460,000 ballots in Georgia are suspect because there is no
supporting chain of custody documentation; Pennsylvania collected hundreds of thousands more
absentee ballots than were issued; and Wisconsin has 260,000 ballots that are most likely fraudulent.
It is highly unlikely that a retroactively cobbled together RNC committee will unravel the plan that
overturned a Trump landslide.
In order for the National Republican Committee to succeed in restoring election integrity, we need bills with teeth pushed through state houses in every swing state, starting with Georgia. Legislators must move quickly to ban vote by mail, electronic voting machines, return to paper ballots and require voter ID.
Contributing Author- Michael Ryan
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Without free and fair elections, our country will cease to exist.
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