Republicans Are Facilitating The Democrat’s Gun Ban

Gun bans are coming, and the Republican Party is partnering with the Democrats to make sure it happens.
Author: Cote Keller
When it comes to defending 2nd Amendment rights, patriots know exactly what to expect from
Democrats. Progressive politicians always move as a pack, working to advance the priorities of
the radical liberal elite. Elected Republicans, conversely, have no such excuse, and
conservatives’ frustration is misdirected when it overlooks right-wing poseurs who are supposed
to protect them from the gun grabbers.
One of the most egregious offenders against gun rights among self-professed conservatives is
Sen. Marco Rubio, who since 2018 has persistently sponsored legislation that would allow the
U.S. Attorney General to temporarily block the transfer of a firearm to anyone who has merely
been investigated for “terrorism” by any federal agency, with no criminal record necessary.
Whether the senator, who rose to power by grifting off of the Tea Party movement, is serious
about his “common-sense” gun control or is engaging in a performative scheme to win
respectability from the left, his ideas have no place within conservatism or his state of Florida.
With Rubio’s next reelection bid fast approaching in 2022, conservative Floridians won’t have to
wait long for a primary referendum on his shameful concessions to opponents of constitutional
rights. In the near term, concerned citizens can call the senator at 202-224-3041 or any of his
other offices’ numbers.
Eight Republican representatives in the House also joined the Democrats’ majority earlier in
March to vote for expanding background checks to cover sales between private individuals.
Moreover, prominent Republicans including Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Sen. Lindsey Graham have
endorsed “red flag” laws that bad actors could exploit to disarm Americans without due process.
These developments cement that conservatives must closely vet all candidates purporting to
represent them, especially with the ruling regime’s push to reinstate and likely augment the same
ineffectual and unconstitutional gun ban imposed in the 1990s. Republican Politicians who fail to uphold the constitution and fight for their constituents will be primaried by Hold the Line PAC endorsed candidates. Gun rights are human rights and we will no longer pacify the moderate politicians who give us lip service and sell us out behind closed doors.
Our message is simple- Protect Gun Rights, or be primaried into unemployment. 
Hold the Line PAC is dedicated to protecting Second Amendment Rights.
Support Hold the Line PAC as we hold the Republican Party accountable to their platform. 

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