Reopening of Schools on Delaware’s May 11th School Board Ballot

If you are a Delaware Tax Payer and registered voter, you can vote on May 11th. If we learned anything in 2020, it was the importance of local elections. This year in Delaware, parents have an opportunity to take back control over their children’s education and get their kids back in school.

It’s been over a year since “two weeks to flatten the curve” and left-wing teachers and the teacher’s union members have proven themselves to be extremely lazy and consumed with fear-induced hysteria. Their arguments for keeping Delaware’s children home from school have ignored the actual “Science” and in turn, have done more damage to developing young minds than the actual Covid-19 virus. If children are not immediately returned to normalcy, we will eventually be looking at a rash of suicides, depression, and drug addiction.

That is why this year’s school board elections are so important. Hold the Line PAC has identified two candidates for school board who have been vocal about completely supporting a full reopening of Delaware schools.

Ashley Murray of Cape Henlopen District & Janyce Colmery of Red Clay School District. 

“I want to get our children back to full time, in person learning. There is no reason to delay this any longer.. I am opposed to any curriculum that serves to teach division and self loathing. I fully support the referendum process, giving every taxpayer a voice in all school district decisions, finances, and policy.” Janyce Colmery Stated.

“I want to be the voice of the parents, schools fully reopened, 100% transparency with all academic and non academic material with parental opt-out abilities. I strongly oppose CRT ( Critical Race Theory) and my opponent is endorsed by the Delaware Democratic Socialist Party.” – Ashley Murray

Recently, the Delaware Democratic Socialists of America released their endorsements of Delaware School Board Candidates, Here is the list, so you know who to avoid like a plague tomorrow.


Tomorrow, May 11th is election day. Parents, If you want your children back in school, get out and vote in your local school board elections. 

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