Questions Arise About Capitol Hill Deaths

More video footage and eye witness testimony has presented itself alleging that the Capitol Police were under direct orders from the Democrats on January 6th in DC at a rally for President Trump that ended in five tragic deaths. With the identity of the police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt still a mystery, more and more eye witness testimonies of police brutality and neglect are coming forward describing exactly what happened on January 6th.

National File just released an interview with a man who witnessed first hand one of the five deaths, stating that a peaceful protester was hit directly in the eye with a peppered paint ball by police, causing his heart to stop beating.


Show host Stew Peter’s dropped bombshell evidence of yet another instance of police brutality at the Capitol Building where a peaceful flag waver was teargassed, then hit with a flash grenade, startling him into a heart attack. The peaceful flag waver died on Capitol Hill grounds after Capitol Police refused to help him or call for an EMT.



Multiple media outlets have had to retract their statements of Capitol Police Officer Sicknick’s death, stating that he died of blunt force trauma to the head after being attacked by Trump supporters with a fire hydrant. It turns out that Officer Sicknick died of a reaction to the bear spray that Capitol Police Officers were using on the rally-goers. This makes at least 4 of the 5 Capitol Hill deaths police brutality related. Not only has the media failed to report the truth about each of the January 6th deaths, Big Tech has worked double-overtime in censoring and silencing thousands of the voices of those in attendance. Which begs the questions:

Who was really calling the shots on January 6th?

Who gave the order to let Trump supporters die?

Why are the Democrats so afraid for the truth to come out about it?


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