Sign our petition to tell Governor Hogan that if he
won't protect women's rights, he'll be replaced by someone who will.

Dear American Patriots:

Governor Hogan is on the brink of setting female athletes back decades.

The Women’s Rights Movement has taught us that securing a future for women is a cause worth fighting for. Now, women’s rights are back under attack as the Biden Administration has signed an executive order removing the boundaries of biological males competing in female sports.

Allowing transgender athletes to compete in female competitions is unfair to women and girls who wish to participate in athletics. We cannot support a future for female athletes that forces them to enter a world where women’s sports ceases to exist.

Polls reveal overwhelming public support for protecting single-sex sports. The majority is on our side.

We the parents and voters of the State of Maryland demand that Governor Hogan and the Maryland state legislator move quickly to draft and pass legislation to protect women’s sports.

Hold the Line is dedicated to protecting the future of our daughters and granddaughters and we don’t have much time left before males will be competing as females, essentially ending women’s sports forever.

That’s why your signature today is so crucial. Sign our petition right away to Hold the Line, and tell Governor Hogan that if he won’t protect women’s rights, he’ll be replaced by someone who will.