Protect The Maricopa County Audit At All Costs

The Democrats and their Deep State minions are doing everything in their power to disrupt the forensic
audit of Maricopa County’s Arizona 2020 federal election results. They have deployed a vast force in an attempt to shut it down, including the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Democrat Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs,their attorneys, and their non-profits.
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) have refused to comply with requests from
auditors to provide access to suspicious routers used during the voting process. This, however, is in line
with previous obstructive behavior which saw the MCBOS sue the Arizona Senate to stop the audit from
taking place. Similarly, George Soros-connected Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State, has
attempted to cast aspersions on the audit process by criticizing its operations and practices in a six-page
letter. Furthermore, the Democrats’ powerful non-profit, globalist groups have lobbied the Department of
Justice in a bid to shut the audit down.
The Democrats’ fanatical resistance to this audit is very telling: what are they trying to hide? Despite
their underhanded efforts, the Arizona audit will move forward, and there is nothing the Democrats can
do to stop it. The 2020 Election was stolen from Donald Trump, and we’re going to prove it.
Hold the Line PAC is dedicated to election integrity.
Without free and fair elections, our
country will cease to exist.
Support Hold the Line PAC as we fight to restore integrity in U.S. Elections.
Contributing author Michael Ryan.

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