Libertarians Attack DeSantis for Reigning In Big Tech

The Libertarians are at it again.

After President Donald Trump was banned from his Twitter account, Governor DeSantis moved quickly to take action. DeSantis is pushing an Anti-Big Tech Bill through the Florida Legislature to reign in Big Tech and their mission to censor and deplatform conservative candidates.

Patrick Hedger, a Libertarian with the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, immediately launched an attack on DeSantis and his bill to protect conservative free speech.


It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Libertarians would take the side of the oppressive Big Tech Tyrants, as opposed to protecting ordinary citizens and their First Amendment rights after mass censorship of conservative thought. Libertarians hold a long track record of not protecting liberty, but instead partnering with the oppressors, whether it’s Big Tech or billion dollar corporations.

The Florida Legislature votes on the bill this week. An America First Coalition of Conservatives are holding a rally in support of DeSantis and his mission to finally, reign in Big Tech.


Support Hold the Line PAC as we fight to protect America First candidates from censorship and Big Tech Tyranny.

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