Governor Brian Kemp May Not Sign Georgia’s Election Reform Bill

When it comes to electoral reform, it is crucial that the citizenry compel corrupt elected officials to make
the right decisions. Brian Kemp being number one on the list.
Georgia governor Brian Kemp needs to be pressured to sign House Bill 531, which is currently awaiting
senate approval. The bill calls for a number of crucial reforms including limited weekend voting days,
restrictions to the number of drop boxes, and identification requirements for absentee balloting.
Kemp has a history of aiding and abetting electoral fraud and being an apologist for widespread political
violence. Despite his nominal republicanism, he has been swayed to act against the interests of the
electorate and bow down to the Leftist mob. Under his purview, drop boxes, mail-in voting, and late-
night ballot-laden suitcase deliveries enabled the Democrats to usurp the Republicans from their
Georgian stronghold.
Georgia voters must DEMAND nothing less than free and fair elections. After H531 Passes the senate, Brian Kemp must represent the interest of his constituents, and sign the the election reform bill into law.
Hold The Line vows to keep up the pressure in order to restore the fundamental underpinnings of
American democracy.
Without Free and Fair Elections, our country will cease to exist.
Support Hold the Line PAC as we fight to restore integrity in U.S. Elections. 

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