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Pennsylvania Secretary of State Resigns Over Mishandling Amendment

Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, will resign over her department’s failure to advertise a proposed Constitutional Amendment. The Amendment would extend the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sex abuse to file actions against their abusers. The Secretary of State’s office is constitutionally required to advertise a proposed […]

Former NC Governor McCrory inches closer in attempt to replace Burr

Former Governor Pat McCrory who lost the Governor’s mansion in 2016 to underwhelming Democrat Attorney General, Roy Cooper, appears to be making plans to run for the United States Senate in a bid to replace Richard Burr. Giving up the Governor’s mansion in a state that Trump won isn’t a […]

State Rep. Philip Singleton Launches Effort to Bar Non-Citizens from Voting in Georgia

Republican Rep. Philip Singleton is leading the charge to fix Georgia’s broken election laws. On January 29th Representative Philip Singleton of Georgia put out a statement on Facebook revealing that he had filed a resolution that would provide a constitutional amendment to fix the language in the Georgia Constitution, stating […]