Call to Action: Big Tech is Planning to STEAL Florida Elections from Republicans

Recently, Governor DeSantis and his Covid information panel were BANNED from youtube for “Coronavirus misinformation.”

If Big Tech is not put in check now, the Democrats could STEAL the next election from Ron DeSantis.

On Monday, April 19th, the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee will consider SB 7072, Social Media. This Bill is a great step forward in addressing Big Tech censorship, but needs substantial changes to have any true impact in crippling the stranglehold of Big Tech.

Hold the Line PAC is dedicated to restoring election integrity, however we cannot protect Election Integrity in Florida unless we can protect candidates from censorship and election information that Facebook and Twitter have inherently rigged against conservatives.

We need your help right away. Call the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee chair Kelli Stargel at 850-487-5022 and tell her to vote in support of SB 7072 to protect conservative candidates and elections in Florida. Tell State Senator Stargel that it is her duty to lead the charge on this, and that she must get the other Republicans to follow suit. It’s time we finally hold Big Tech accountable.


We are running out of time. The Florida State Senate votes on Monday, so please call today. Call 850-487-5022 and tell Florida Republicans that we will not settle for anything less than SB7072. 

Support Hold the Line PAC as we fight to Restore Integrity in U.S. Elections.

Hold the Line on Big Tech, Gun Rights, and U.S. Elections. 

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