Biden’s Weaponized DOJ is Targeting and Politically Persecuting Trump Supporters

Yesterday, 35 ‘Republicans’ voted in favor of weaponizing Biden’s DOJ against Trump and his supporters. Many of these Republicans were endorsed by President Trump and rode his coattails to victory, only to stab him directly in the back and betray his supporters. 
Trump supporters are rotting in solitary confinement and being hunted down by the corrupt and incompetent FBI. Now, The Democrats are weaponizing a 9/11 style commission to bring full blown communism and destroy the lives of anyone who had the audacity to vote for Donald Trump.
Hold the Line PAC is fighting hard to protect the American people who have been VICTIMIZED by RINOs and Democrats alike. We believe patriots like Ashli Babbitt deserve justice. 
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Check out our interview this week on Info Wars as we expose the political persecution of Trump’s supporters by Biden’s weaponized DOJ. Watch Here. 

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