Arizona’s State Senator Wendy Rogers Champions Election Reform

State Senator Wendy Rogers has been in office for a little over a month, but has wasted no time championing the most important issue in 2021, restoring election integrity.

In 2020, Trump supporters and American voters watched in horror has the Democrats orchestrated a highjack of election law on the state level. New York Times openly bragged about their “fortifying” of the 2020 elections and how they did it- by changing election laws in key swing states.

Avid Trump supporter and fearless champion, State Senator Rogers, immediately took action. On Wednesday, the Republican controlled state legislators in Arizona voted on 20 pieces of legislation, many being passed on election integrity. State Senator Rogers shared the Arizona victories on her twitter page to keep her voters informed.

With election reform and restoring election integrity being the KEY issue in 2021, American voters can only hope that every Republican legislator on the state level will follow Senator Wendy Roger’s lead.


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